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Obtaining Official Record Copies

Please obtain document number(s) in advance by performing a search of our grantor-grantee database before visiting our officesCopies may also be ordered online through the database. To search the database, click here on this link: 

NOTE: Clerk-Recorder Department staff will not conduct searches over the phone, in person or via mail. This Grantor/Grantee search engine will only provide an index of searched results and will not allow you to view images online.

Copies of recorded real property documents may be obtained online or by mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

  • Documents are identified by the names of the listed grantors and/or grantees and the recording date. If the document was recorded before 1982, reference the book, page and instrument number if available. If the document was recorded in 1982 or later, refer to the instrument number, which consists of the recording year followed by a six-digit number.
  • Fees for copies are $1 for the first page plus $1 for each additional page per document or map. The fee for certification is another $1 for each document or map.
  • For copy requests by mail from those paying with a check, leave the dollar amount blank and write a limiting phrase in the "note" portion. (Example - not to exceed $20.) The clerk processing your order will complete the check and return a receipt with the exact amount.

Make checks payable to: Orange County Clerk-Recorder. Mail the copy request to:

Orange County Clerk-Recorder
Attn: Copy Desk
County Administration South
601 N. Ross Street

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Questions? Call (714) 834-2500

Official Records Copy Request Form

STATE SEISMIC HAZARD MAPS (Landslide & Liquifaction):
Information is available at our Santa Ana office.
Please inquire at the County Service Center help desk.