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Clerk-Recorder Implements Technology to Help Increase Efficiency and Improve Customer Service Experience at the Department's North County Branch Office

TV with qtrac queue graphic

Orange County Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen has implemented Qtrac, a digital queue management software, at the department’s North County Branch Office in Anaheim. The technology was implemented to help reduce lines, disperse waiting crowds and decrease wait times allowing staff to focus on helping customers and creating an efficient service experience for all customers. The technology has been in use at the department’s office in Santa Ana and has already showed great results.

“I am always looking for ways to make visits to our office convenient and pleasant for our customers,” Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen said. “This technology has already improved service at our main office in Santa Ana and I am looking forward to seeing great results at our office in Anaheim.”

Qtrac allows customers to check-in for service upon arriving at the office. Once they check-in, they are placed on a digital queue and receive a text message on their cell phone to confirm their place in line. When it is a customer’s turn, they receive a text message letting them know where to proceed for service. Once a customer is served, they will receive a final text message allowing them to participate in a survey rating their service experience.

This technology allows the department to manage work loads more efficiently by providing live data to managers and supervisors allowing them to deploy resources when needed and during unexpected surges in demand for services. This also helps the department manage social distancing guidelines and restrictions to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

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